Lifesaving Sport


The Lifesaving Society alone may sanction lifesaving or lifeguard competitions in Canada. The Lifesaving Society may authorize other event-specific Canadian championships as appropriate. 

To receive sanction, the following terms must be met:

  1. All competitors must be eligible to compete as defined in Eligibility and the Right to Participate.
  2. Canadian Competition Manual rules, standards and procedures must be used for events which are part of the sanctioned competition. The sanctioned competition may include other events.
  3. The host organizing committee must have appropriate safety plan, safety equipment, and a Safety Officer in place.
  4. No less than one month prior to the date of the competition, the Lifesaving Society must receive the sanction application form signed by the meet manager which identifies:
    • date, time and location of the competition,
    • entry form, program of events,
    • name of Chief Referee, and
    • name of the Safety Officer.

The Lifesaving Society does not recognize records set in or results of unsanctioned competition. The Lifesaving Society does not insure volunteer officials or competitors
in unsanctioned competition.

For sanctioning information in your province, please contact your branch of the Lifesaving Society.

If you’re interested in having an event sanctioned by the Lifesaving Society Canada sport commission, please see the LSC Sanctioning Form, Lifesaving Sport Record Form and the Host Information for Time Trials document.

If a Canadian or world record has been set at sanctioned competition, the meet manager and chief referee must submit the application below to the Lifesaving Society Canada sport commission for endorsement