About Us

International Development Aid

In addition to the work it does within Canada, the Lifesaving Society undertakes development aid to reduce the number of drownings and Water-related injuries on a worldwide basis, in response to the Society’s mission and basic values. There are many countries throughout the world where lifesaving and water safety skills and knowledge are minimal, and the incidence of drownings is extremely high.

The Society aims to improve the level of skill, knowledge and understanding of water safety and lifesaving. The focus is to work with and use the existing infrastructures and resources of individuals, agencies and governments. The overall outcome is to increase the number of sustainable lifesaving organizations and to reduce the number of drownings and water-related incidents.

The Society has worked and continues to work with countries in the Caribbean Region through the Caribbean Lifesaving Association. The Society also works with other countries in the Americas Region, in partnership with the United States Lifesaving Association, to support the growth of lifesaving and water safety education in these countries.